How do I find the college baseball field?

Our neighborhood has many Davidson Wildcat fans and many baseball fans, but we have relatively few Davidson Wildcat baseball fans. One major reason is that the baseball stadium seems hidden on the campus. In fact a frequently asked question over the last few years has been “Where is the Davidson baseball field?”

The easiest way to find it is to head north on Main Street past the campus and turn right on Ridge Road. After the road curves to the right you may park in the soccer stadium lot on your left or in the grass beside the road next to the fence on your right just outside the golf course. If you know the trails to get there on foot, it is about a three-quarters of a mile walk from Wolfe Street.

map to baseball field

The games are FREE. Grilled hot dogs (and sometimes hamburgers) and other reasonably priced refreshments are on sale. The bleachers aren’t bad, but if you have stadium seats you’ll want to take them. It’s a great cheap way to enjoy a few hours. The Wildcats were in contention for first place in their last year in the Southern Conference, a strong baseball conference, and got off to a good start in the A10. In 2017 they won the conference championship and the NCAA regional tournament, and went on to play in the superregionals. They also play a good selection of ACC and other conference teams, and regularly beat teams from top conferences. For schedules and to check for weather-related schedule changes, see

Perhaps the most famous person to have played Davidson baseball was a nineteenth-century center fielder named Tommy Wilson. However, the field was not named for him. Later in life he went by his middle name, Woodrow.

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