Our neighborhood has a unique and attractive flavor in the Davidson community. The founder, Doug Boone, certainly wanted things this way. Even the street names add to the charm and quality of the setting. But do you really know the stories behind the names?

The term “byway” (a “side road”) sounded less common than “alley” and more fitting to the neighborhood. Thus, the term was created as a street suffix for the first time by the Mecklenburg County Engineering Department at Doug Boone’s request. The narrow side streets that garages open onto are designated as “byways” and are all named for local people who were in the chain of title for property purchased for the New Neighborhood. Most of us are less likely to know these people by name unless we have lived in Davidson for awhile.

The main streets and roads throughout the neighborhood are named after Southern authors and writers. Although the name may be rather familiar, do you really know much about that person?

Of course, there are several anomalies to the grand plan. Fairview Lane was already in existence at the time of development. Caldwell Lane was also an existing road and named after one of the property owners. However, by coincidence, there was also a Southern author named Caldwell. St. Alban’s Lane is obviously named for the church.

These articles were written and edited by Dave Smith and first appeared in our newsletter.

Caldwell Lane

Clemens Place

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McConnell Byways

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